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Web Analytics

Optimize the Interactive strategy process by applying data mining and business intelligence to the data results collected from advertising campaign campaigns, web analytics, and other user responses. Profile prospects and target market segmentation.
Web Analytics is the sleeper hit of web marketing for the current decade. Smart companies will not stop efforts with creating compelling creative and buying media space intelligently. They will see things through to the end, by analyzing the traffic that comes to them through these efforts, and then make changes to their web sites that improve their conversion rates and overall revenue.
Web analytics allows you to identify key business drivers through traffic analysis; areas of the conversion funnel that are slowing down your sales, improve your conversion rates in high traffic areas, and improve customer retention. Site changes will save your company valuable marketing dollars and increase your revenue. If you’re spending online, you must make analytics a component of your marketing efforts on an ongoing basis, in order to spend your marketing money efficiently.

What we can do for you:

A/B Testing

A proven means to increase your conversion rate, A/B site testing is, however, more complicated than its’ name will lead you to believe. In order to obtain a valuable A/B test, Mambo starts with a control (homepage, landing page, creative…) and we optimize one change at a time. By changing just one component, while serving the control at the same time, we unearth elements that are improving the overall site performance. Further down in the line of testing, we change the control site to contain tested improvements, and we test another component, and so forth. A/B testing is a systematic process that has proven very successful for a vast number of businesses. Mambo will enable your business to reach vastly improved results through this efficient method.

Multivariate Testing

Multivariate testing tests different combinations all at once, and can do so in a very short period of time after the initial set up. Mambo alters the control (homepage, landing page, creative…) so that the control contains components in which content (offers, images, text) can be rotated. 5, 10 or even 15 combinations can be served randomly in this manner in order to test which combination of elements works best for your goals. Multiple page combinations are also possible. Mambo’s method of multivariate testing will allow you to clearly spot the best-performing components, allowing you to make intelligent improvements to your web site, and ultimately enable you to achieve the very best in conversions and revenue.

Conversion Path Analysis

By implementing tracking code throughout your site, Mambo gathers visitor and conversion data and puts together an analysis of how your conversion path is performing, relative to your goals. Blockages or delays impeding your sales efforts are exposed. Bounce rates from various pages are tracked and results are interpreted. The data gathered from watching visitors move through your conversion path is extremely valuable, as it can point to ways of increasing sales, customer retention, and ROI. We analyze your conversion path data and provide you with solutions for the blockages we identify. Identifying and resolving delays and confusing areas within your site allows your visitors to have a more enjoyable and successful visit, enabling your company’s continued growth and keeps you ahead of the competition.



How the Web-counters count
BusinessWeek's Catherine Holahan examines the methods and technologies of some of the leading Web-ratings services, including Alexa Internet, comScore, Hitwise, Omniture and Nielsen//NetRatings. MSNBC/BusinessWeek Online


“Usability testing is now recognized as a necessary, if not integral, part of Web site development. As the industry matured, three simple truths emerged:
1. If customers find your site difficult to use, they will get frustrated and leave.
2. It is not a good thing if customers leave your site.
3. If you don't test your site with actual customers before launch, you can't ensure that customers won't leave your site.”