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Online Branding

In order to excel on the brand centered digital marketplace, the branding strategies should not relay only on advertising. To be effective, internet branding has to take advantage of the interactive medium to increase brand awareness and publicity.
The success of an online brand is achieved through great user experience, information architecture, content, value, and user engagement, and then is maintained with advertising.

Branding online should hold a top position in your marketing portfolio. Hundreds of companies – some of them very big brands - are still somewhat hesitant, skeptical or plain unwilling to spend their marketing dollars on online branding. This is a mistake.

Online ad spending is on the rise because online users are skyrocketing, and online branding has already become an essential platform to reach your audience. Touching your target audience with your messaging in all the places they go is what branding is all about, let’s not forget. To do so ensures you compete or have the advantage on your competition. Do not neglect this enormous branding channel.

The average American is spending more time using media than sleeping. The average is 9 hours per day, and 1/3rd of that time is spent using more than one media vehicle at the same time (TV, internet, radio).

19% of Americans spend 6 or more hours per day online, compared to 9% for TV. 60% spend 4 hours per day online and 66% spend 4 hours per day watching TV.

The internet is still primarily a place for communication to happen. Approximately 57% of online time is spent on email, instant messaging, blogs and chat rooms. The remaining 43% of internet users were using their time to play games, surf and shop.

The potential, if not already clear by the above statistics, is unlimited. Sponsoring chat rooms, placing display ads on targeted sites, delivering branded email messaging- these are just a few of the endless opportunities online offers you to expose your brand to your audience. Compounding this is the technological advancements that we’ve seen in online marketing over the past several years. Relevancy is making a comeback. We can now target by age, sex, location and past shopping or online behavior. Gone are the days of meaningless online advertising. Now your brand messages can be shown to your target audience to a very specific degree, even coordinating time of day shopping behavior or people who own a particular product!

Internet Brand Development

The creation or re-creation of Corporative Identity is one of the fundamental steps towards giving a personality to your company or product.

As The Cluetrain Manifesto explains, "Markets are conversations, in the Internet space, branding means user experience Internet branding moves beyond logo, tagline, key messages and graphic identity into the customer's real-time interaction with the brand, for the entirety of the online user experience.
Traditional media, like TV, print, and radio offer phenomenal cross channel value, especially to drive visitors for the first time, but if the content and functionality are not compelling enough to encourage repeat visits the brand will not succeed.”

Internet specific brands like or EBay succeeded in building their brands from an:
-Easy pronounce and easy to remember word.
-Effective logo aspect ratio, visually dominant at small size, lower resolution monitor screen.
-Focus on User Experience.

Building brand equity via the internet requires all the positioning skills of an ad agency, but it also requires of experienced information architects and usability experts. Sites like MapQuest have an average visit time of only 12 minutes, good enough to position them in the top 10 internet brands together with Microsoft, AOL, Yahoo etc.

Cross Channel advertising such as TV, print, and radio offer phenomenal value in driving web traffic the first time. However, the spike in traffic will be short-lived if content and functionality are not compelling enough to encourage repeat visits, and unless the user experience provides the information the user needs when he needs it. If the user experience fails that simple test, the advertising efforts wont be enough to acquire the costumer.

What can we do for you:

Mambo Interactive can assist you in every stage of your online branding initiative. We can begin from scratch, developing a unique trademark image for your brand, is based on industry and target group research. We will advance your image online and co-ordinate with your offline efforts, so that your brand will be recognizable, persuasive and trustworthy for your target group.

If you have an established brand already, we can assist you in your online branding strategy. This would take the form of internet, consumer and competitor analysis; media planning, buying, execution, reporting and analysis.

Contact Us to discuss your Online Branding Services needs.



Offline fame doesn't translate into Web visits for big media
Smaller niche sites and networks such as The Weather Channel and, are drawing more online traffic than better-known media entities, like NBC or The New York Times. Advertising Age

Online ad revenues grew 26.4 percent during the first six months of 2007 to nearly $10 billion, according to the latest joint report from the IAB and PricewaterhouseCooper