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Mobile Marketing

Mobile Marketing, most recent to emerge in the mainstream marketplace, is one of the few new channels to come out of the last 50 years of developing technology. In order to keep up with the way that communication has changed in the world, understanding the capabilities of mobile marketing and using this channel as part of your marketing effort is vital. If you plan on maintaining your competitive edge, and if you want to reach new customers, and retaining your existing customers, then sometime this year you should be turning some attention to the mobile marketplace.
The mobile phone has quickly become a vital component of our every day communication. Substituting for our home phone, our internet, our maps, our daily planner, the mobile phone has rapidly morphed from a heavy appendage into a tool of essential utility and, for a rapidly growing population, an crucial item to be carried at all times beside keys and wallet. Today, there are more people using mobile phones around the globe than there are people using landlines.

Mobile marketing is a compliment to your other marketing efforts. It is not meant to stand alone but to increase your online and traditional marketing efforts. Investing in this sector of the marketplace, you will benefit from a small but strong base of customers. Conversion rate for this new channel are very high, and the mobile population is growing a staggering rate each year.

What can we do for you:

Mambo can help you reach your mobile marketing goals. Some of the goals of mobile marketing campaigns are:

  • Branding: Increase your brand awareness of products and services

  • Events & Special Offers: Generate attendance to events, promotions and foster in store activity

  • Customer Service: Enhance customer loyalty and retention by offering greater customer service

  • Revenue: Increase your revenues via all of these methods

Mobile marketing involves a complex mix of new technologies and marketing expertise. Mobile web sites are built entirely differently from standard web sites, and so are mobile creatives. Aggregators are needed to sync up your mobile marketing campaigns with the various service providers around the nation or globe. Methods of marketing and tracking in the mobile channel are unique- it is nearly as different from the internet as TV is from radio.
Don’t let this deter you from incorporating the mobile channel into your efforts, however, as Mambo has the ability to assist you each and every step of the way- from building your mobile web site, to planning and buying space in the mobile channel, to implementing, tracking and interpreting the results of your campaigns. We at Mambo will make embarking on your mobile adventure inspiring and exciting, and you will reap the beneficial results for years to come.
This channel- soon to be as essential as your current online efforts- is worthy of exploration now. Let us show you what mobile marketing has in store for the future, and how you can position yourself to harness the results!

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25% of all text messages in the Third Quarter of 2006 were subscription alerts from brands,
media companies, etc.

LONDON--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Feb. 21, 2006--Major brands are shifting significant marketing resources to marketing via mobile phones, according to an independent survey of 50 brand name companies commissioned by Airwide Solutions, the mobile infrastructure software provider. By 2008, 89% of brands will use text and multimedia messaging to reach their audience, with nearly one-third planning to spend in excess of 10% of marketing budgets on the medium. In five years over half of brands (52%) expect to spend between 5% and 25% of total marketing budget on mobile marketing.