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Absolutely essential to your correctly interpreting the success of your online marketing efforts is reporting. Whether this is weekly or monthly display media reporting, SEO or PPC reporting, having an easy to interpret document with all the information you need to do your analysis will be vital for your company’s ability to track improvements and gauge success.
One of the most exciting aspects of online marketing is the ability to track your campaigns performance and analyze results through tracking and reporting tools. However, your critical information is often buried underneath data that is outside of your needs, or superfluous to your campaign goals. To get the stats and figures you need to understand your particularly campaign, you need a particular combination of data sets isolated from the vast amount of information provided back to you by various tracking and reporting software. By isolating your metrics, you can get that birds eye view.

What can we do for you:

Our reporting and analytics staff work with you or your marketing team to identify the key measures of campaign success. We build the reports for you, identifying these metrics and providing interpretations of the data. We review reports with you to determine campaign success, future goals, and areas for continued improvement.
Our reports are concise and contain all your essential information, since we create the reporting based on your needs.

Sample reports:

Search Engine Marketing
Pay-Per Click Campaign

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Campaigns should begin with talk about metrics

Agencies and their clients are confused, and sometimes frustrated, over who is responsible for defining success and measuring it, Marc Brownstein writes in Advertising Age. He maintains agencies should be responsible for bringing up the subject so campaigns begin with defined goals and measurements. Advertising Age