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Internet Advertising

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Over the last years Internet advertising has grown exponentially, changing from being an alternative mean of communication to become the marketing channel of preference surpassing in reach other traditional channels like broadcast or newspapers.

Internet Advertising Campaigns

The creation of a successful Advertising Campaign requires the making of multiple pieces which compose the Communication Plan of a company or customer, in its wide variety of formats, which range from a graphical piece for a magazine to complex Flash Animations for a web site. Mambo Interactive designs all the pieces, manages their coherence, ensures they succeed at transmitting the intended idea, and that every component of the Campaign contributes to achieve the goals set by the Customer Marketing Plan.

What can we do for you

Mambo Interactive advertising most important advantage is to know the preferences of your target public, succeeding at positioning your products in the most rentable markets and providing the latest techniques for return analysis of your advertising investment.
Many of our clients have existing and already successful campaigns and they simply want to convert them to the interactive channel either to banner ads, flash, video for the web, PDF documents or html emails.

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Online Advertising Methodology:

Identify customer’s needs

Define Targets

Develop Proposals and Alternatives

Measure, Evaluate and Report

Discuss and Improve