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Information Architecture - User Interface Usability

Information Architecture (IA)

Information Architecture (IA) defines your website. It is the structure and the layout of it. It determines how it operates, how effective it is in interacting with your target audiences.
Great care should be paid to the initial structure of your site and how it supports your online marketing strategy. Define goals and design for them. For example, if eliciting user feedback has been identified as a strategic priority, it is important that the site be designed to support the appropriate surveys/form/data analysis.

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Content Grouping: Using the Content Audit, we group similar content items together into logical groups or themes. This is performed with the client and / or real world results, with people who fit the audience profiles.

Labelling: These groups, once identified, need to be labelled. If external audiences were used in a content grouping exercise, part of the exercise would be to have them name each of the groups they created. The names of each of the content groups should be very simple and descriptive.

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