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Email Marketing

"E-mail is the fastest, most flexible, cost efficient, personalized and targeted communication medium in the world today."
-Peppers & Rogers Group

E mail marketing, promotions, and campaigns had experienced a dramatic growth as marketers in almost every industry begin to capitalize on this powerful technique. In fact, it has become the most powerful application of the Internet and interactive marketing in general.
It has been proven to sell, promote, brand, inform, remind and creates buzz with significant impact. Furthermore, it’s also one of the most cost-effective promotional methods available to today’s marketer.

What can we do for you:

Email marketing necessitates close compliance with all regulations pertaining to spamming. Beyond the legal aspect, there are a number of unique issues that must be resolved when employing this technique: Obtaining the best lists, determining the nature of the appropriate creative, ensuring browser compatibility, optimizing for maximal lead generation power, determining the right message, designing the best metrics to maximize future success, and calculating the ROI of an online campaign.

There are five fundamental requirements for growing your business through email marketing:
1. Creating a good overall marketing offer, creating a good list, designing a database with email addresses of all current customers and prospects, a large lists is not as good as a responsive list. targeting is critical.
2. Selecting a tool or service for delivering email to your list.
3. Converting as many visitors to your web site as possible into opt-ins or permission lists, (visitors who authorize you to email them) you can help this by deploying driven incentives - design and develop giveaways, online coupons, contests, quizzes, surveys etc.
4. Developing an email schedule and strategy for communicating with your customers and prospects, targeting your audience, and personalizing the message.
5. Tracking the success of every email campaign. Relevant metrics include open rates, click rates and sales.

While the typical direct mail campaign cycle is usually around 3 months, an e-mail campaign can be completed in just 3 days. Responses and metrics are also quicker, most action resulting from an email occurs within 24 to 72 hours of its opening.

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E-mail Marketing Facts:

I is a fact, your customers receive tons of emails every day. How do you make your emails stand out above the rest?

Mambo Interactive creates graphically appealing content that your users want to read. In addition, Mambo Interactive has the ability to target customers that have opted-in (chosen) to receive information on specific products and services like yours.

Furthermore, we provide our clients with direct access to email campaigns marketing tools through our proprietary technology with detailed tracking reports, bounce backs, open rate and campaign and list management.