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Customer Service Solutions

Call centre and in store support are huge costs for many companies, online service and support can reduce these costs considerably, smart companies make support cost reduction a key online strategy, even smarter companies look at it as a competitive advantage.

What can we do for you:
By using the proper architecture, most of the customer support can be derivate into a self service system, almost 85% of the costumer service inquires can be handled by a proper FAQ, printable instructions, multimedia tutorials, or even user groups and forums, leaving for the last step the more expensive one to one communications like instant messaging, email and call centers.

  • Reduce call centre loads

  • Reduce returns

  • Reduce complaints and bad word of mouth

  • Satisfy increasing demand for self service

  • Re use help desk knowledge bases
    Improve customer experience of products by offering additional training skills tips and support.

Mambo Interactive can design a custom made solution for your specific customer services needs.

Contact Us to discuss your Customer Service Services needs.