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Content Development:

Fresh, relevant content ensures that your site is interesting and useful to your visitors. Creating new content is not only useful to your current visitors, but also helps your rank in organic search results.

Search engine spiders crawl the web continually, reading through sites and noticing changes in content. Search engine spiders are programmed to identify new information within a site, and they want to relay the new content to the searchers as soon as possible- in order to provide the visitors with the most up to date information. Therefore, the sites with updated content traditionally see better organic search results than sites with old content. Spiders give less priority to sites that have been left for years with no content updates. Rather, they feed on fresh content and updating your site regularly can trigger the spiders regularly to over time greatly improve your organic search results.

Going beyond your improved organic search rankings, regularly updated content is vital for you if you are running an informational site of any kind. Writing updates is time consuming. Posting news and information that your visitors need to stay with your site can be an overwhelming project once your site begins to grow. In order for you to retain your existing visitors and continue to expand your reach, you may find you require assistance with content development.

Whether it is developing an RSS feed to keep your visitors updated, or incorporating a blog into your site to allow your visitors to contribute their own content, or whether it is simply uploading and updating new information you send to us piece meal, Mambo Interactives’ content development team can help you to grow your site’s content, thereby increasing your value to your visitors. Daily updates to your site need not take half your day or cost you hours of labor. The solution is Mambo Interactive for content development! 

What can we do for you:

Content needs vary depending on your site’s function and your visitors’ needs. From secure and reliable news and traffic information to informational portals and micro sites, to interactive flash games or downloadable applications, we have a long list of content solutions and services for you to choose from. Mambo Interactive will make sure the content of your site is exceptionally designed, perfectly developed and clearly presented to your audience, while following usability design and user centered information architecture.

Contact Us to discuss your Content Value needs.