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Affiliate Marketing is a powerful and cost effective customer acquisition practice, which can occupy a central place in your marketing portfolio.
What is Affiliate Marketing? Affiliate Marketing is a commission based or revenue sharing system of online advertising. In Affiliate Marketing there is the Affiliate, the Advertiser and the Program Structure.

  •  An Affiliate is a webmaster or publisher who earns revenue (usually commission based) for conversion of leads, clicks or sales on the advertiser’s site

  • The Advertiser is you or your client. The Advertiser in the typical Affiliate Program is a company which is looking to increase their sales, leads, clients etc.

  • An Affiliate Program is an automated program which is run by an Affiliate Manager. The Affiliate Program Manager recruits webmasters and publishers around the web and facilitates them in placing the advertisers’ banner ads or links on to the Affiliate’s website in exchange for a percentage of revenue earned by any converting traffic sent to the advertisers’ site via the traffic that arrives from the Affiliate’s site.

  • The most common types of affiliate programs are CPA (Cost per Acquisition or Action), CPL (Cost Per Lead) and less common are CPC (Cost per Click)

What can we do for you:

Mambo Interactive works with marketers to establish an affiliate marketing strategy and tailor the affiliate program to their specific needs. We will select the right media outlets for your particular program. We have the ability to distribute brand and product advertising across the Internet via high-traffic Web properties, loyalty and rewards sites, cause-related sites and targeted affiliate sites. Mambo has been around the business long enough to know which sites are the best, and our affiliate relationships are extensive. You will benefit from our experience, relationships and know how in this business.

Contact Us to discuss your strategic needs with one of our affiliate managers.

Affiliate Marketing sample sites: